Eric G. Freeman is New York’s own “Actual Fitness Professional”. Over the last 5 years Eric has helped New Yorkers with all types of goals achieve success, from weight loss to performance enhancement. During this time he continues to increase his knowledge of exercise and sports rehabilitation through hands on experience and continuing education. Eric is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) C.P.T., the American Aerobic Association and the International Sports Medicine Association AAAI/ISMA . He also has certifications in Core Training (NASM), Functional Flexibility (NASM), and Youth Training (NASM). In addition, Eric has over 2000 hours working in the field of with rehab & physical therapy.

Eric’s training method is one of simplicity but not to be confused with EASY. He strives to set you on the path to being able to accomplish the many physical as well as mental tasks life will set before his clients. Eric focuses on the body’s ability to complete the most functional and relevant movements to optimal Health. Movements such as the ability to push objects, speed up and slow down movement patterns, climb and hurdle objects, encompass the core of his curriculum. Gaining proficiency at each task will increase effectiveness within the workplace, home chores, recreational activities, as well as sports and combat. Whether your goal is weight loss, weight gain, exposing lean muscle mass, or improving personal performance, thru functional exercise, proper nutrition, and proper rest they will be addressed.

Eric has an enormous passion for sports; He has trained and played football with the St. John’s Red Storm (2000), Harlem Hurricanes (2003), and Mount Vernon Wolverines (2004). Today, Eric intensively studies Martial Arts through a direct line of teaching from Grand Master Ronald Duncan in the style of ninjitsu. His other sports interest includes Football, Basketball, and Softball. He trains individuals who aspire to improve their performance in all facets that pertain to their lifestyle.

My mission is to close the gap between wishful thinking and reality, pain and all gain, hope and prosperity. When it comes to your success there’s more than hope, there is an answer…

Eric G Freeman

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